Studio Caricatures are custom designed with each client to represent the milestone moments in your life.  The artwork is completed in full color with various mixed media, color pencils, pastels, markers and traditional pens.
Studio Caricatures can be mailed by electronic or snail mail worldwide.
Please contact us for more info and prices and let's start designing that treasured Keepsake today. 

A gift for a SPECIAL TEACHER at the end of the school year from his students.
My first live caricature Proposal.....she said YES!
Bill Retired and rebuilt the Orpheum Organ in Phx. He truly was the Phantom of the Opera.
Gift Studio Caricature for an African guide.
Future Bride and Groom we attended their wedding.Their family commissioned CBK for a Studio Caricature for a unique keepsake.
Graduation Gift NAU rules
Bar Mitzvah Sign In Board of the Man of the Hour.
Relocating co worker gift caricature commissioned by email
A Graduation gift from Baby picture...Bio Chemistry Major
Couple Caricature by email
Gift Caricature for a Doctor from his staff for Christmas
Christmas gift for slugger
Click on pictures to see a close up
studio five faces on unicycles washington d.c. at lincoln memorial
Star Gazers group caricatures done with Ipad for their web site and Banners.
The Judge founded out how expensive weddings can be and wrote a book about the adventure. I was happy to Illustrate that book.
A Birthday Card digitally completed and emailed as He prepares for Mount Everest.
Ambassdor Bolen's 92nd Birthday .  Thank You and Happy Birthday!
Number 11 Fitzgerald Rules...what a year!
13 wins 3 lost Cardinals Best Year...Carson Palmer QB #3  NICE YEAR THANKS!
2015 Christmas Card created on IPAD for a Christmas office Party. Black and White Faces in a rush job.